Who are 3D Stings?

3D stings is a subsidary of aerian studios, international design and development. 3D stings has been created by Paul Goodenough to provide top end 3D and animated logo stings for national and internation businesses alike.


What we do at 3d stings

We create fully designed video based "stings", for a TV, Film, DVD's and big screen presenations. Firstly we listen to your requirements, then we look at your existing logo and design output, then we create a completely unique corporate animation to suit your market.


Our process of making a 3D sting or ident
  1. Call us on 0845 408 6009 to arrange a free meeting
  2. Receive our proposal, discuss and alter to suit
  3. Receive HD quality 3D sting


Our former clients : Xbox 360, Nintendo, PlayStation

Everyone and anyone! National and international companies alike. Visit our portfolio for a complete list.

- Las Vegas Live Show TV
- The London Paper
- EasyLiving Furniture
- Neon Management
- Aerian Studios
- Laguna
- Astraea

We only keep a small selection of our most recent work on our portfolio, for more examples from companies such as Sony, Samsung, Xbox and Nintendo, please contact us.

Why not become of our customers? We're exceptional at what we do, and represent very good value. Don't believe us? Read what some of our delighted customers have said about us



Astraea / Trimedia Harrison Cowley 3D sting

Astraea sting unveiled
Through our partners at Trimedia Harrison Cowley, 3D stings have created an animated introduction for Astraeas big screen presentations throughout the world. Designed to introduce the company visually to new and existing audiences, 3D stings were commisioned to produce a 10 second HD quality sting with music and audio.

Technology used:
Adobe Photoshop, after effects, 3D studio max 9, adobe illustrator